Modify Your Social Media Presence!

Our social media activities are often referred to as occurring within "echo chambers" that serve primarily to confirm our pre-existing beliefs (e.g. confirmation bias), and tend to encourage demonization of people we don’t agree with. There is a great video from 2012, however, in which sociologist Jonathan Haidt suggests in an interview with Bill Moyers that the single biggest thing we could do to advance the cause of climate change mitigation would be to stop demonizing the other side. It’s an insight worth considering. If you click on the first link you’ll go to the video in the Climate Web, which is useful because we’ve extracted the key points from the video in a way that you can quickly review. If you click on the second link you’ll jump to the video on YouTube with no extracted points.

2012 Jonathan Haidt Explains Our Contentious Culture (Climate Web)

2012 Jonathan Haidt Explains Our Contentious Culture (TouTube)

In terms of other points relevant to the topic of your social media presence, we’ve included some useful insights in the slides below. We’ll continue to develop this micro-site page, so check back!

Communication silos (2)