If You Have the Time

If you’re interested in climate change what are some of the things you can do with your time to contribute to tackling climate change. The options are many, and we’ve only listed some of them here. In some cases we’ve added links to papers and news stories, and in some cases links into the Climate Web itself, that are particularly pertinent.

Become Politically Active

Activism and Civil Disobedience

Activism and civil disobedience have been very small parts of individual action on climate change to date. As climate change worsens, however, and more and more people get frustrated by the absence of the necessary policies and measures to tackle climate change, it is likely that such activism will grow in importance.

Volunteer Your Expertise

Effective Altruism

If you're not aware of the idea of "effective altruism," you may want to explore how it could help you advance your climate change objectives.

Shaming for the Climate

You may be surprised to learn that there is a literature around the topic of "shaming" for climate change, although not really in the context of "how to shame as an individual." It's notable that #Flightshaming in particular has exploded as a hashtag and topic of conversation recently, and has the attention of global airlines. #Cruiseshaming doesn't exist yet, but cannot be far behind!

Write About Climate Change

Climate fiction has suddenly become a popular genre for people concerned about climate change. The CliFi genre is growing rapidly. To explore further, check out our dedicated CliFi micro-site.